The Road To Weiss Advice

Welcome to the first blog entry on my very own site: Weiss Advice!

I’ve been making educational content a long time. I began over ten years ago, by answering questions on Internet forums and doing simple blog entries. A few years later I started filming full length tutorials on music production (specifically the mixing process).

I started with Hip Hop.

When I began, most tutorials on music production revolved around Rock . Tutorials about Hip Hop didn’t exist, even though Hip Hop had been the number one selling (and most influential) genre for ten years running. Considering my production background was rooted in Hip Hop, and with this glaring void to fill, I decided to make my first tutorial “Mixing Hip Hop Vocals.”  A good buzz about the video circulated around Reddit, sales started going up, and I decided to continue by making a few others.

  • Mixing Hip Hop Instrumentals
  • Mixing With Compression
  • Mixing EDM
  • Mixing With EQ

This began a ten year run of Weiss Tutorials.

I grew as an engineer, and I grew as an educator. At the same time, the power of social media and Internet technology grew. I realized that education could be done comprehensively, entirely online. The wheels in my head started turning, and I decided that I would need my own platform in order to deliver these ideas.

  1. Evolving tutorials.
  2. Interactive Webinars.
  3. A Community platform.
This wasn’t possible when I started.

Now, I have the means and opportunity to create a growable educational platform – one which allows a two way street between instructors and members.


My concepts around education are much more informed. I have better teaching techniques, better concepts for tutorials, and higher production value.

And I cannot wait to get started!

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