How I Teach

I will teach you how to glean the perspective of your end listener. I will bridge the gap between the technical way we effect sound to the creative way we hear music. Technique and fundamental understanding is crucial to growing as a producer; but technique does not explain why sometimes a lo-fi record can elicit a more powerful response than a polished one. Technical understanding does not show you how to poetically un-balance a record and live in the world of perfect imperfections. Anyone can show you how an EQ works (and that is important). But not everyone can show you why an EQ choice can evoke an emotion, and how that emotion fits into the picture of the song, and how that song can fit into the picture of who the artist is. I can.

Weiss Advice Stands Out

Mixing records is difficult. I began mixing over twenty years ago, and I still learn and improve every day. Many sites will make empty promises about how to get “industry standard” mixes from “platinum engineers” simply by taking their course. Well, I work in the industry, and I am a platinum engineer, and I can tell you it’s not that simple. Even if it were theoretically possible to create a course that would give you overnight success I am not sure that it would even be worthwhile. Because it would not be your success. I want to show you how to become a better you, not to simply imitate my techniques and approach. And that takes time.

Mixing with Emotion

Understanding the emotional intention, of a song and bringing that intention to the forefront is the heart of WeissAdvice. Learn how to use mixing techniques to enhance Emotional impact.

Mixing with Distortion

Call it Distortion. Or call it Crunch, Fuzz, Heat, Color, Tone, Attitude. Let's investigate the vast ways we can use these tools, often in unexpected ways!

Mixing with Compression

The first series that put Weiss Tutorials on the map is recreated for a new generation! Learn everything there is to know about compression, from the technical mechanics to the creative concepts!

When you watch one of my courses, here’s what you are going to get.

Techniques you can instantly employ on your next record. You will have an immediate and noticeable improvement simply from the techniques and listening skills you learn.

Improved Practice and Focus Mindset

This may sound like hype but it’s actually pertinent stuff. My courses are designed to get you listening and thinking like a producer, so that your practice of learning becomes more efficient. This is a very round about way of saying that what took me five or six years to learn – you’ll learn in two to three. My courses heavily emphasize artistic decision making. I contextualize a record, and then conceptualize sonic ideas, and build all of my mix decisions from there. While the immediate tips and techniques you get from courses are great, it’s this systematic thinking and learning that leads to more profound and pronounced growth. And this is the real benefit.

Courses come with supplementary material so you can mix along and compare results. While many courses function as standalone, many more are designed to be modular and continually updated.

Current course roster includes

Mixing With Emotion

A flagship course designed to demonstrate the integral relationship between mixing and creating a vibe, a feeling, an energy: emotion.

Mixing With saturation

A comprehensive course on saturation and distortion that teaches the vast way we can use these tools; often in unexpected ways.


A comprehensive course on saturation and distortion that teaches the vast way we can use these tools; often in unexpected ways.


A flagship tutorial on the technical and creative side of reverb. One of the most popular of the Weiss series and for good reason.


The tutorial that put Weiss Tutorials on the map – recreated for a new generation. Learn everything from the mechanics of compressors to the creative uses of compression in mixing and sound design.


A tutorial that fully investigates the potential of pitch correction – transparent, transformative, and completely unexpected.


Time and music are profoundly related. This tutorial investigates one of our most creative tools: Delay; and how we can manipulate Time.


A fun and imaginative course on bizarre effects used to create unsettling sounds; and how to apply them to our music!


A comprehensive set of tutorials comprised of tried and true recording and mixing techniques – a means of getting great results even if you’ve never recorded before!

My previous courses have been widely regarded as the best available, and now that Weiss Advice is alive, my courses are even better than before.


Mentorship requires someone who both excels in their field and excels as an educator. This combination of skills is quite rare. Even more rare is an educator who genuinely cares about the success of his students!

Weiss Advice looks at music production holistically. The song, the arrangement, the sound design, the recording, the performance, and the mix, all dramatically influence each other. While the focus of Weiss Advice is mixing and recording, you will learn how to approach these processes from the perspective of how the entire song would be experienced by the end listener. This approach to production will ultimately lead not just to better sounding records, but more successful records.

Yes! For those who sign up for an annual pass, as opposed to month-to-month, our fee is
discounted roughly 16%

In general most courses are accessible for beginners. For those that are really just getting started I would recommend “The Complete Beginner’s Guide.” (COMING SOON) This course is designed to help get you started from ground zero, give you a crystal clear direction in terms of getting what you want, help you avoid common pitfalls that many people seem to make, and save you a lot of money that would normally be spent on unnecessary equipment and quick “fixes” for problems you may not even have.

Lastly, although the course is maybe on the more intermediate side of things, I do recommend “Mixing With Emotion” for beginners. Even if some of the content doesn’t make sense at first, the underlying philosophy and demonstration will set you on a course for success early on.

Yes! Personalized coaching is a feature of Weiss Advice. Members receive a 50% discount on 1-on-1 coaching sessions.