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I will teach you how to glean the perspective of your end listener. I will bridge the gap between the technical way we effect sound to the creative way we hear music. Technique and fundamental understanding is crucial to growing as a producer; but technique does not explain why sometimes a lo-fi record can elicit a more powerful response than a polished one. Technical understanding does not show you how to poetically un-balance a record and live in the world of perfect imperfections. Anyone can show you how an EQ works (and that is important). But not everyone can show you why an EQ choice can evoke an emotion, and how that emotion fits into the picture of the song, and how that song can fit into the picture of who the artist is. I can.

Let us say that two people come to Weiss Advice for coaching with the same exact record. This record has generally strong musicianship and performance value, but the actual sound quality of the raw recordings is not particularly good. Now, depending on each person’s goals, the coaching session will look fundamentally different, even though the record we are discussing is exactly the same. Why? Well, let’s imagine the first person is an aspiring mixing engineer, and the second person is the producer of the record. For the mix engineer, our focus will be on building techniques on dealing with low fidelity recordings. For the producer, our focus will be developing better recording techniques. These are entirely different skills for entirely different goals!

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