Why You Aren’t Selling Beats

Why You Aren’t Selling Beats Or getting song placements. The music production game is extremely challenging and competitive.  You make beats, you put them up on a sale site, and then what? You begin a struggle to cut through all the other people who are making beats. The reality is, while there are some very […]

Singing Technique and How to Find It: Breathing And Breath Support

Breathing And Breath Support WHAT IS TECHNIQUE?  A quick Google will provide you with many blogs and articles DEDICATED to vocal technique claiming to be total, complete, end-all be-all guides. But here’s the truth: MOST of Them Are Too Vague The blogs and teachers aren’t wrong, but they also use terms like, “Proper Technique”, “Breath Support”; […]

Knowing Your worth

Know Your Worth Know your worth is a phrase echoed time and time again. The self-professed life coaches, online gurus, and inspirational leaders love to say it. But ask them “how?” and allow the symphony of crickets to wash over you. This phrase is used as a substitution for be confident, and confidence is something that can […]

3 Common Pitfalls Your Singer Is Facing

vocal production cover

author: Mikkee June So You Wanna Be A Vocal Producer… …Or maybe you don’t.  But, Picture this: you’re sitting in the studio with an artist and you’re having to go over the same line, or phrase, or even note over and over. The artist is overwhelmed, which is causing them to get frustrated, which is […]

We’re Struggling With The Wrong Things

Buzz Words Are Slowing You Down. Marketing is the art of selling something. Marketing is not the art of honesty, it’s not the art of the integrity, it’s the art of making someone want to buy something. How many preamps have you seen on the market that are discrete Class A? A lot. And that sounds […]

The Road To Weiss Advice

Welcome to the first blog entry on my very own site: Weiss Advice! I’ve been making educational content a long time. I began over ten years ago, by answering questions on Internet forums and doing simple blog entries. A few years later I started filming full length tutorials on music production (specifically the mixing process). […]